Building brands, products and experiences

The opportunity to help create a unique voice for my clients, solve problems in complex systems and the chance to work with diverse creative teams are what I look for when forming new partnerships.

What I do

UX strategy development

Content auditing, research, user testing, rapid prototyping and Identifying areas for improvement to help elevate your service, product or brand.

UI Design

There's no point in having  a great platform which nobody enjoys looking at. I don't just follow the latest trend, I design to engage your audience and reflect your individuality. Creating design systems which add value to your development pipeline.

Art Direction

Everyone's voice is different, I've helped many brands find and evolve their vision. Elevating what exists or developing the next step on their journey.

Brand development

So what's next? You have a vision, you have a market but don't know where to begin or how to expand. Let's work together and define what makes you unique.

Creative & Strategic consultancy

You find yourself at a cross road, what do you do? I've helped agencies, individuals and teams identify and choose their next direction.

NoCode Development

This site was built without me writing a single line of code, if I could take Webflow out for a nice steak dinner I would. Get in touch to find out how NoCode development could help bring your project to life more efficiently.

Project Principles

I’ve been in this industry for over a decade, and while you never stop learning, you do define what makes it all worthwhile. These principles keep my passion to create alive and push me to pursue new challenges.

Starting right

For me, the first day on a project isn’t just for shaking hands and learning names (then forgetting them). There’s more to be gained by understanding and utilising the experience around you. My goal is to build on how teams work and add value into existing processes, rather than driving wedges into them.

Understanding a challenge

Taking the time to truly understand and Identify the scope of a project and team you're working with. It's not all just about producing X outcome by deadline Y.

Keep an open mind

You can always learn from collaborating with others, even as a consultant. I believe in getting involved with and understanding your team, rather than being the ‘expert’ who never asks for help.

Form partnerships

I rarely take on projects where I just work for someone. I partner with clients to progress and improve their business. Part of this for me is educating the teams you work with, sharing the thought process and helping your clients understand your work with more context. Arming them to make better decisions long after you've left the project.

Finish with the future in mind

As a consultant, the work continues after you leave the project. So walk away having laid the best possible path for the team that’s staying on.

What my clients say

I run a tech start-up in the healthcare space. Steve designed our product UI whilst providing his UX expertise to make further improvements. The quality of work is excellent and has led to a successful product launch this week.
Ashley Waterman
Managing Director, Rembrace - Smart BI Solutions
Steven is a pleasure to have on your team, diligent designer, passionate art director and truly loves to get involved in problem solving.
Stephen Uren
Group Creative Director, Amazon EU
Steve was able to understand exactly what I wanted and deliver something that far surpassed my expectations.
Oliver Short
SEEKR Recruitment
Steve was an excellent addition to the team supporting the development of our software. He quickly got up to speed on industry/company specific software/processes and brought a tremendous amount of value to our UX/UI thinking.
Patrick Sheridan
Director at KPMG
Steve was a great addition to our team in the time he was with Red Apple Creative. He seamlessly integrated himself within the team, was ever-reliable in delivering on time and his work was always of the highest standard.
James Spink
Global Head, Client Services. Red Apple Digital