I'm passionate about passion.

Sounds weird, I know. But it means I like to partner with people who really care about what they’re doing. Whether that’s launching the next big software platform, driving a business forward, or making a brand voice unique.

I come from a country where quality of life is based on enjoyment, not a bank balance and the end of the day is often dictated by how good the surf is.

If you don't enjoy what you do, then why do it? I started this consultancy to focus on what I care about, and that's working with like minded people who have passion for their work and industries.

Let's build something awesome together.

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Project Principles

I’ve been in this industry for over a decade, and while you never stop learning, you do define what makes it all worthwhile. These principles keep my passion to create alive and push me to pursue new challenges.

Starting right

For me, the first day on a project isn’t just for shaking hands and learning names (then forgetting them). There’s more to be gained by understanding and utilising the experience around you. My goal is to build on how teams work and add value into existing processes, rather than driving wedges into them.

Understanding a challenge

Taking the time to truly understand and Identify the scope of a project and team you're working with. It's not all just about producing X outcome by deadline Y.

Keep an open mind

You can always learn from collaborating with others, even as a consultant. I believe in getting involved with and understanding your team, rather than being the ‘expert’ who never asks for help.

Form partnerships

I rarely take on projects where I just work for someone. I partner with clients to progress and improve their business. Part of this for me is educating the teams you work with, sharing the thought process and helping your clients understand your work with more context. Arming them to make better decisions long after you've left the project.

Finish with the future in mind

As a consultant, the work continues after you leave the project. So walk away having laid the best possible path for the team that’s staying on.

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