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UX Consultant. UI Design. Illustration. Brand Development


Vidende offers an end-to-end decision-making application for executive management. It integrates the entire decision-making process that businesses use every day into one intuitive, streamlined system.

I worked with Vidende to improve the application’s UI design and UX flow, develop their brand aesthetic and create a marketing site to help promote their business. Due to the sensitive nature of data within the application, I have only shown design files and brand materials in this case study. You can view the marketing site here.

Problem Statement

Vidende was developing a new software platform, but like most start-ups, they had to use their resources efficiently. Before I joined the project, Vidende’s primary focus had been building out functionality and developing their MVP to generate interest from investors. 

Their next steps were to review the application’s UI design system and UX logic, and to begin the developing their branding and creating a marketing platform. This is when they approached me to assist with the next steps of their application and brand development.

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Role & Responsibilities

I was initially engaged to review the application and make suggestions on improving the overall UX logic for various core workflows. Working with the lead developer and key stakeholders, I audited the application and wireframed solutions for the various scenarios Vidende were looking to improve. The project focus then moved on to improving the UI aesthetic, developing a colour system and a modular component system that could be implemented across the application.

During this phase of the project, Vidende asked me to begin a brand development process. This involved defining their brand tone of voice, aesthetic, logo mark and illustration style, and designing and building their marketing site.

Users & Audience

The primary user persona and target audience for Vidende is professionals who need easy access to their organisation’s operational information and top level dataset overviews. The tool assists with business intelligence, aiming to make business decisions as simple and informed as possible.

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Application UX/UI

As I joined after the initial framework had been created, I started by conducting a usability audit of the application, highlighting areas where UX best practice concepts could be implemented. Outside of QA, no user testing had taken place by this stage, and due to the confidential nature of the project, I had to make recommendations without qualitative or quantitative data. Fortunately,  the key stakeholders on the project had decades of experience with the processes the application optimizes, and so could provide guidance. 

Initial findings and recommendations were presented in a variety of wireframes, user flow diagrams, redline and specification documents. I normally adapt this part of my process to the preferences of the team I engage with.

When developing the UI design system, the initial step I took was to define the colour theory.  The challenge was building a palette that could be read well at a glance, while also representing the brand and being expandable to show large data sets. 

One of the primary features of Vidende is the dashboard. Therefore, we needed a colour system that could cope with both a traffic light system and general data, while also giving the UI a stand-out CTA hierarchy.

Rather than redesign every screen, I focused on key elements: chart data, UI furniture, type and button hierarchy. I then mocked up variants for the stakeholders to review before passing on style sheets for the development team to implement.

The colour system was created in parallel with the brand development process, which allowed us to test our choices in different situations as we moved ahead with the build. The result was a consistent journey from web to application for any teams demoing the platform.

Brand Development

While I was working on UX improvements and the UI Design System, Vidende tasked me with developing their brand identity and consumer-facing website.

This process involved various steps to help Vidende find their unique voice. I conducted discovery sessions with the various stakeholders to find out what Vidende means to them. Next, conducting a competitor analysis allowed us to distill market trends both within the BI and SaaS marketplaces.

Once these core sessions had taken place, I produced various directions to explore further. These concepts contained guidelines for the logo mark, typography, colour theory, iIllustration and use of photography within marketing communications.

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